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A new building is a risk as they are designed to run efficiently, meaning they trap air from insulating materials inside that could generate an air quality 2-5 times worse inside than outside.
Research indicates 96% living spaces have at least one type of indoor air quality issue. An indoor air quality (IAQ) monitor will report on the levels of common pollutants and other air conditions inside your home in real time.

With Yukon you will able to;
- Monitor the air in your installation so your guests will breathe healthier. With 13 different sensors, Yukon measures the key indicators of air quality in real time.
- Prevent different illnesses such as asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases which are caused by PM, mold growth or humidity. At the same time, the feeling of lack of energy may be caused by high CO2 concentrations, gas leaks or VOCs.
- Improve the air quality in the rooms with recommendations and tips. Devward’s dashboard & mobile app will help you track the air your guests breathe.

Sport Centres

A research of the European University of Madrid, done during the six major marathons (Paris, London, Berlin, Boston, Chicago and New York) found that air temperature and humidity had a huge impact on runners’. Moreover nitrogen dioxide (NO2) had a “significant correlation” with runner performance.

With Yukon you will be able to;
- Control the air quality, so you can have a perfect environment for training sessions.
- Improve the performance of the athletes.
- Offer a better service since you will know how much people can be training in the same room without ruining the air quality.


Healthy working spaces mean happy and more productive employees. It doesn’t matter what your activity is; clothes manufacturing, electronics, food manufacturing, chemical activities, printing or storage. There are different polluting elements in the air which can affect the workers’s health and productivity.

With Yukon you will be able of;
- Create a safe and comfortable environment by mitigating environmental impacts.
- Monitor and prevent exposure to particulates and dangerous gasses.
- Promote the health and wellness of occupants by improving employee productivity and decision-making.


Humans breath more than 23.000 times a day, that means around 15.300 breaths in an 8h working day. Create healthy, safe & productive work spaces by understanding how good and controlled indoor air quality can improve your company’s results. Yukon will help you to create that healthy and productive environment thanks to its 13 different sensors.

With Yukon you will be able to;
- Improve productivity and decision making of the employees.
- Promote health and wellness.
- Implement energy efficient solutions & optimise performance of buildings - Mitigate environmental impacts.
- Increase revenue by increasing work-productivity.

Education Centres

Usually we do not think about air quality in schools although this may change whether someone tells us that students spend over 15,000 hours inside school buildings, or that students with asthma miss up to 13.8 million school days a year.

With Yukon you will be able to; 
- Create an environment where students can develop their productivity, attention, memory and concentration.
- Improve academic performance.
- Promote health of students & teachers.
- Reduce risk of asthma attacks and other respiratory diseases which lead to absenteeism.