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How did Devward

In 2018 a phone call started a project that, today, still alive. In 2018, Daniel Kjellström, Co-founder & CEO, was working on a project related with air quality. Being in closed contact with different devices on the market made him realised that there was not an option for a reasonable price and good performance indoor air quality monitor. Then Daniel called Cristian Sánchez, Co-founder & CMO, who after analysing the market, found out that this was not mature enough yet and they had time to develop a new option for those who care about the air they breath.

2 Years working on a way of thinking

We believe that companies that have real propuse must be built under a solid filosophy and way of thinking. That is why we set down that base 2 years ago, but developed it during these years to make it solid.

Our mantras are clear;

1. The world must be a place where information is not just accessible by a few people, where resources are used in a responsible way. Transparency and accessibility are a must for human developing and transformation, that is why we want to make our data and code open source for everyone who needs it or even want to contribute to make people's life better. Moreover, all our products are manufactured respecting the environment, using biodegradable packaging and recycled materials.
2.We believe Devward is a part of every employee’s life, a company where we all can develop ourselves and strike for the future we dream of, but also a company which is there for everyone when it is needed. Devward is a place for free thinking and not only for professional development, but personal too.
3. Business and passion are two essential tools to achieve your goals. That is why everything we do in Devward is focused on being transparent with our suppliers, partners and employees.


Our main goal is easy to explain, difficult to achieve; Your home, the safest place.

Lets dream a little bit

Some day we will live in space

We don't know when yet, but one of the most expected human achievements is getting to Mars and settle a human base on the red planet.