Outdoor air pollution alone is responsible for over 3 million deaths each year according to the World Health Organisation.
In the UK, car emissions claim more lives than car accidents and are responsible for 7500 early deaths annually.

Yukon Sensors

Product material

One of Devward's goals is to have as low environmental impact as possible and therefore we refuse to use any main type of materials that might come from fossil fuels like ABS plastic. Devward respects the environment and contributes to a cleaner and greener works in two ways:
1. Utilizing ARBOBLEND for Yukon's case, a high-quality, bio-based plastic
2. An environmental-friendly solution for its packaging, made of recycled carton, fungus and biomass.

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Yukon Strengths

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Smart Setup

Yukon integrates Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which makes the initial synchronisation a lot easier. The user only needs to scan the QR code from Yukon's display and both Yukon and the Devward Home app will arrange everything: account settings, Wi-Fi connection and device registration, all without any user interaction.


Bluetooth is present in almost everyday-devices such as smartphones, speakers, cars, computers etc. The integration of Bluetooth in Yukon opens up a wide range of connection possibilities when it comes to services and data exchange.

Keep it Alive

Your smartphone can always access Yukon’s data. This is made possible through Bluetooth, which enables data to be exchanged even when Yukon is not connected to the internet or there are no Wi-Fi networks available. The Devward Home app uses the smartphone’s mobile data to send the data to the cloud. In case the mobile network is not available, data will be stored in its storage until any type of internet connections are available.

Keep it Connected

Imagine you would like to take your Yukon device to your office. Though Yukon is able to work without any internet connection, it is always much more efficient if it is indeed directly connected to the internet. Yukon will asks your smartphone to share the WiFi network it is connected to or any other available WiFi network stored on it.


Yukon's battery runs up to 8 hours, providing flexibility of use when no main power is connected to it and enabling Yukon to keep monitoring the air quality even in such cases, therefore sensor data statistics are not affected.

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