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According to the Global Burden of Disease study 1.6 million people died prematurely in 2017 as a result of indoor air pollution

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Yukon communicates with your virtual assistants and your smart home service
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Yukon measures 18 different types of pollutants

Volatile organic compounds are realised into the air from varios liquid and solid materials like paint. In hight concentration in can cause eye/respiratory irritation or even cancer.
Keep the right temperature at home.
CO2 it is a colourless and odourless gas. Depending on its concentration in the air, the effects of this gas go from headaches and sleepiness (among others) to oxygen deprivation.
Avoid most of the common viruses with the right level of moisture.
Interacts with the moisture in skin, eyes, respiratory ways and mucouses surfaces forming caustic ammonium hydroxide which causes the necrosis of tissues. It is one of the most dangerous since it is widely used in household products.
Mainly responsible for respiratory ways inflammation and at high levels decreases the lung function heavily increasing the risk for respiratory diseases and reaction to allergens. It also contributes to form ozone.
Changes in air pressure can have affect your joints or cause fatigue.
Particle matter of 10 micrometers and smaller. Still so small than can penetrate your lungs and cause different respiratory diseases up to cancer and premature death
Particle matter of 2.5 micrometers and smaller. The “Harvard six Cities Study”, published in 1996 by Harvard School of Public Health, revealed PM2.5 as one of the causative factors of human non-accidental death
Particle matter of 1 micrometer and smaller. These particles can penetrate different tissues like skin or lung tissue